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Our goal is to learn, write about, and apply social/
psychological/wellness information to problems
of tobacco cessation, stress management, behavioral
changes, and creative solutions for healthy living.


Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco for LIFE CHANGES, Infinity, ISBN 0-7414-0481-8, December, 2000 Retail $ 19.95

A Powerful, Skills-Based Program and Creative Self-Instructional Approach

to Cessation Behavior for Life, David L. Johnson, Ph.D. & Carole A. Johnson, I.D.


LIFE CHANGES, self-instructional workbook and cassette tape program will instruct and provide cognitive-behavioral strategies and skills you can learn and need to apply to shifting emotions, mental states, and situational stressors that generate tobacco use and relapse behavior. Over 120 cessation techniques from aversion, relaxation, hypnosis, humor, creativity, and fun writing activities are integrated into the instructional model.


The LIFE CHANGES audio cassette reinforces the self-instructional workbook techniques and is sold separately by the authors. Order by E:


The workbook can be ordered from the publisher at

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Workbooks and tapes may be purchased from the authors at  All online or face-to-fave consulting, planning,

training, and support services by Dr. Johnson and trained Healthy Life Changes volunteers offered at no cost to program participants.


Contact us by email with your questions and interests in the program. If you have no access to a computer, you may call Dr. Johnson at (417) 890-9386. If not picked up, leave a message and a return phone number. 




Book of the Month Selection

Stupid Reasons People Die

An Ingenious Plot For Defusing Deadly Diseases

by John Corso, MD High Lakes Press, Baker & Taylor

Hardcover/ 2007


Dr. John Corso is a practicing, board-certified, internal medicine physician, lecturer, and author of Stupid Reasons People Die. The author identifies

heart attacks, strokes, lung/breast/colon/prostate cancer, and diabetes as   

medical conditions that kill at preventably higher rates. He argues logically

and factually that there are actions we must take to prevent and possibly lengthen our lives and enhance the quality of life. Dr. Corso argues that 

"state-of-the art" technology can enable individual patients and their

doctors to make early proactive decisions and life-saving treatment plans. 


Focused prevention and proactive treatment plans be provided by a medical provider like the author.  Dr. Corso meets with each patient, interacts by

email or  phone, and provides up-to-date medical news online (c.f. New technology, hopefully available in each  patient’s residential area, might include Ultra Fast CAT scans of heart and brain arteries; EBCT scans of arterial plaque; PET lung scans for current or former smokers, or patients with family smoking history) usually paid by the patient.  Dr. Corso believes earlier detection of likely disease processes (e.g., Atherosclerotic Arterial Disease, tumors, blood clots, plaque build-up, aortic ruptures) can lead to more effective interventions and less loss of lives for "stupid reasons."


The author challenges patients and physicians to go beyond passive, traditional dependencies, and out-dated reliance on failed “standards of care” in order to save lives and make technological screenings available to visionary patients and clinicians.  He cuts down any delusional view that an evolutionary “Mother Nature” can succor and take care of us justly from birth to death. Natural causes occur because "Mother Nature" really does not love us or play moral favorites with our lives. We are responsible for actions taken and not taken with regard to known and suspected risks involved in managing our health, choices, and survival. 


Specialized screening tools can be more sensitive in finding problems in the body and more specific in knowing what to do about them. The author provides in Appendix I a helpful U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) set of guidelines and evidence for assessing the magnitude of net benefits, that is, benefits minus harms for selected screening tests. Descriptions of ten screening tools and protocols are summarized in the Appendix.


I strongly recommend Stupid Reasons People Die to those patients and soon-to-be patients who have the “grit,” knowledge, access to screening tools, and financial resources to pursue a customized, potentially life-saving treatment plan.


David L. Johnson, Ph. D,

Book Reviewer  


2007 Major League Baseball Season has begun:

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_____________Post-Election Outcomes! ____________
The voters have cast their ballots. Many voted with hearts and values against politicians and tobacco interests' deceptive advertising, hypocrisy, and unhealthy products
and actions.  Voters in record numbers and throughout the nation thwarted Big Tobacco's efforts to retain and recruit citizens from using their addictive, deadly tobacco products. 

Voters in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and South Dakota  passed life-saving ballot measures that will help reduce the financial exploitation of tobacco users' health and well being.  Arizona and Ohio and passed 100% smoke-free laws requiring all workplaces, including restaurants and bars, to be smoke-free. Nevada required more workplaces to go  smoke-free and gave local governments authority to pass tougher smoke-free laws in their communities. 

South Dakota and Arizona voted to increase their state's tobacco tax. Higher per pack state taxes have demonstrated some ability to reduce the incidence of teen smoking, and the higher cost of cigarettes and added health risks can influence smokers to quit.

Florida passed an initiative requiring the state legislature to adequately fund tobacco prevention and cessation programs. According to some estimates these measures may prevent more than 50,000 kids from starting to smoke, save 23,700 lives, and protect more than 19.8 million people from secondhand smoke health hazards.

Unfortunately, voters in California and Missouri defeated measures to increase cigarette taxes which would have funded tobacco prevention and other health programs. Missouri has one of the highest percentage of tobacco users in the country as well as one an extremely low tax rate of only .17 cents per pack of cigarettes. Tobacco interests reportedly spent more than $65 million in California alone on television ads which confused, mislead, and distorted the proactive influences of these state initiatives. 

With your continued participation, we will keep fighting the tobacco interests by supporting and increasing the number of smoke-free states, increasing tobacco taxes, and state efforts to provide prevention, intervention, and health services for all tobacco users and their families. 

Government Program Encourages Smokers and Tobacco-Users To Be A "Quiter"!
The "Quit Now" Challenge invites you to share why you want to quit tobacco, but still may be struggling to quit the habit. The program was  announced by The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). From now through October 27, 2006, 1-800-QUIT-NOW will accept tobacco-use stories focusing on why tobacco users 
want to "Quit Now!." Interested persons may visit for instructions on how to submit video entries. Successful quitters whose stories have been selected will be announced on February 1, 2007.

The "Quit Now" Challenge, part of the "Be A Quitter" campaign, supports NCI
and CDC's ongoing efforts through the National Network of Tobacco Cessation Quitlines initiative. Participants selected among men and women between the ages of 18 and 29 will be available for local radio, television, and newspaper interviews. Participants will be encouraged to help others quit by posting daily encouraging comments and successful QUIT-NOW experiences on the 1-800-QUIT-NOW web site
Callers to 1-800-QUIT-NOW in state-based quitline services will receive practical, effective help to quit smoking, information, and referrals to other resources.

Participants who quit smoking by the challenge's end will be selected to share their successes. The government hopes these focused, realistic stories will raise
awareness and increase quit rates in the United States. 

For more information about tobacco cessation, go to or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. For information about tobacco, go to the National Cancer Institute's "Tobacco and Cancer" home page at or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Tobacco Information and Prevention home page at

Information about cancer is available at the National Cancer Institute online at or call the NCI Cancer Information Service at 1-800-422--6237
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Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco for LIFE CHANGES, 2001 60 minute-audiocassette or CD (model hypnosis tape-two sessions with male and female voices) a positive, supportive, reinforcing part of LIFE CHANGES 
by David L. Johnson, Ph.D. and Carole A. Johnson, I.D.
Available from authors at:  
Cassettes cost $5.75 each plus applicable shipping and handling. CDs cost $8.95 each plus shipping and handling.
Volume discounts available.

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